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South Theodolite ET

South Theodolite ET-02 is a top-of-the-line surveying instrument designed for professionals who demand accuracy in work.

Theodolite NT-023

The South Theodolite NT-023 is the most advanced products, designed to professionals who require accuracy and precision.


The Ultimate Tool For Accurate Specifications!

Theodolite is an essential survey instrument used for measuring horizontal and vertical angles in the construction and engineering industries. The history of theodolites dates back to the early 16th century when they were invented by German mathematician and astronomer Georg von Peuerbach. Over the years, theodolites have evolved, and modern theodolites are now equipped with electronic components to improve accuracy and ease of use.

Theodolites work by using a telescope and a rotating angle measurement system to determine the angles between two points. They are commonly used for construction projects, geological surveys, and mapping. Theodolites are available in different types such as digital theodolites, automatic levels, and transit theodolites, with each type having specific advantages and disadvantages. For those in South India looking for the best survey instrument supplier, Level Tech is a reputable company that provides a wide range of survey instruments, including theodolites. Level Tech is known for its excellent customer service and top-quality products, making it the ideal choice for those looking for reliable and accurate survey instruments.


South Theodolite ET/ETL Series

South Theodolite ET/ETL Series is a range of high-precision survey instruments developed by South Surveying & Mapping Instrument Co., Ltd, a leading manufacturer of surveying instruments and solutions. The company is headquartered in Guangzhou, China and has been in the surveying instrument industry for over 30 years. The development of South Theodolite ET/ETL Series dates back to the early 2000s when South Surveying & Mapping Instrument Co.

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Theodolite nt021

South Theodolite NT-023

South Theodolite is a leading manufacturer of high-quality surveying instruments. The South Theodolite NT-023 is one of their most advanced products, designed to meet the demands of professionals who require accuracy and precision in their work. The South Theodolite NT-023 works by using advanced technology to measure angles and distances. It features an optical telescope and electronic sensors that work together to provide accurate measurements, even in challenging environments.

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