Sokkia IM 100 Series

Sokkia IM 100 Series

Presenting Wide Range of Sokkia IM 100 Series

The Sokkia IM 100 Series is a range of intelligent measuring instruments that includes total stations, digital levels, and field controllers. These devices are designed to provide accurate measurements and streamline surveying and construction tasks. The IM 100 Series was first introduced in 2016 and has since become a popular choice for professionals in the construction, land surveying, and civil engineering industries.

The total stations in the Sokkia IM 100 Series are equipped with advanced features such as Bluetooth connectivity, prism tracking, and laser pointer. The digital levels feature electronic sensors that provide highly accurate measurements, while the field controllers are designed to work seamlessly with the total stations and digital levels, allowing for efficient data management and transfer. If you're looking for a reliable provider for Sokkia IM 100 Series instruments, Level Tech is a great choice. With over 12+ years of experience in the industry, Level Tech offers a wide range of surveying and construction equipment from leading brands, including Sokkia. Their team of experts can provide guidance and support to help you choose the right instrument for your needs, and they offer competitive pricing and fast shipping.

Unique Specifications

In Sokkia IM 101 Series


The Maginfication is About 30x For all Sokkia Total Station IM Series.

Angular Accuracy

The Angular Accurecy is Commonly 2" for all Sokkia Total Station IM Series.


Dual-axis compensation


5,000m with a single prism.


Bluetooth connectivity for Both.


The Battery Life For Both the Flexline is Upto 28 Hours.

Sokkia IM 105 Total Station

Advanced Technology for Precise Surveying

The Sokkia IM 105 Total Station is a powerful surveying instrument that uses advanced technology to deliver precise and reliable results. It features auto-pointing technology that quickly and accurately locates and tracks prisms, making it easy to survey even difficult targets. The dual-axis compensation feature ensures that you get accurate measurements, even when the instrument is not perfectly level. The Sokkia IM 105 Total Station is perfect for construction, engineering, and land surveying applications where accuracy and efficiency are critical.

The Sokkia IM 105 Total Station is equipped with an advanced EDM that provides accurate and reliable distance measurements, even in low light conditions. The instrument has a measuring range of up to 5,000 meters with a single prism and a distance accuracy of ±(1mm + 1ppm). The Sokkia IM 105 Total Station also features a large and easy-to-use color touchscreen, long-range Bluetooth connectivity, and a battery life of up to 36 hours. With an IP66 dust and waterproof rating, the Sokkia IM 105 Total Station can withstand even the toughest conditions.

Sokkia IM 101 Total Station

Precision and Speed in Your Surveys

The Sokkia IM 101 Total Station is a high-quality surveying instrument that delivers precise and efficient results. It features advanced functions such as dual-axis compensation, Bluetooth connectivity, and easy-to-use software, making it a reliable choice for professionals in construction, engineering, and land surveying. With a range of capabilities, the Sokkia IM 101 Total Station allows you to work faster and smarter, achieving accurate results in less time.

The Sokkia IM 100 Total Station offers superior performance and reliability, with a range of features designed to make your surveying work easier. The dual-axis compensation feature ensures that you get accurate measurements, even when the instrument is not perfectly level. The Bluetooth connectivity allows you to transfer data wirelessly, saving you time and effort. The Sokkia IM 101 Total Station also comes with easy-to-use software that simplifies your workflow, making it easy to achieve accurate and reliable results.

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