roads_surveyRoad Survey Works

Road Survey Works


Preliminary Location SurveyAfter reconnaissance survey, a suitable alignment or alignments are selected for preliminary location survey for detailed investigation to obtain the most economical alignment.Final Location surveyThe most economical alignment is selected by analysing the merits, demerits, cost of construction, etc. for the proposed alignments after preliminary location survey. Before the approval of the project is obtained from the higher authorities, the final location survey is completed in all respects. The following steps are taken for final location survey: Project ReportAfter completion of all investigation work, survey work design of different structures, and total estimate for the project, a report should be prepared and submitted to the higher authorities for approval. The report prepared should include information related to the following:

  • Introduction to the project
  • Necessity and background of the project.
  • Justification for selection of the final alignment and the procedure adopted for land acquisition
  • Detailed estimate covering all items-earth work, road surface, culverts, bridges, compensation, etc.
  • Detailed specification for the constructional works
  • Overall benefit of the project
  • Conclusion and recommendation
  • Maps to be submitted along with project report: (a) General map of the country through which the proposed road will pass (b) Route survey map (to suitable scale) (c) Longitudinal section (to suitable scale) (d) Cross-section (to suitable scale) (e) Detailed drawing of culverts, bridges, flyovers, etc


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