E Survey Solution

In order to attain maximum client satisfaction, we are indulged in providing E Survey Solution to our customers. These E Survey Solution are rendered to develop efficient software with the help of our team of veteran professionals. Furthermore, we execute these services keeping the preferences of our customers in mind.

Other Information:

  • Surveyors have to render their work to a client. Their work normally is collecting points in three coordinates. The points themselves may not display clearly the situation of the existing ground. For this reason it is common practice to make lines, arcs or splines connecting the points.
  • These graphic elements, like a line, correspond to a physical entity, like a wall, the border of a channel or of a road etc. Due to this latter correspondence with the reality of survey, points, lines, arcs and splines have to carry symbols on them to help human understanding. For example, a traffic light, is fairly more humanly understandable is the point where it has been surveyed, is represented with a particular symbol (which in this case, will be a small drawing of a traffic light).
  • Moreover new points need to be calculated, using the surveyed points. A simple example can be the interpolation of a point between two others. For example, if an element like a wall is straight, the surveyor will measure only its extremes.
  • If somebody asks for information in the middle of the wall, an interpolation has to be carried out and a new point inserted. Finally a tridimensional view of the survey is necessary for a complete understanding by the clients.


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